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Bedroom : A large portion of anyone's life is spent in a bedroom, as the best place to relieve from anxieties,worries and hurries.  Family feels secure and free in this room and thus it need the best ambiance, facilities and provisions. Cot, side tables, wardrobes and dressing table mostly occupies almost all the space in [...]
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Maintains & Remodaling

Maintains & Remodaling : illustratex renovation projects can change your home style more than what you think,or it can drastically change  the foot print of your home. A renovation project can upgrade outdated features, better functionality and make the space you have more efficient. illustratex work with our clients to understand each project’s need. We [...]
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Office Interior

OFFICE INTERIOR : There is a distinct something in the décor and designing of an office that speaks of the kind of work going on there. Speaking of the individuals that are at work inside the walls of the office, it also speaks of the mind that has designed  it, thought about it and created [...]
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Ceiling Work

CEILIG WORK : our home is a reflection of your personality - of who you are! It is your own sanctuary amidst the concrete jungle of today. So, join hands with us to create a ceiling design that change the look of your home befitting you! Ceiling design is one of many parts of home [...]
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Living Space

LIVING SPACE : Once a person is inside your home door, living room is the first thing that the person experiences. The whole impression about your home can be formed from seeing the living room. It is also the place where you get to spend quality time with your beloved family and friends.  Hence it [...]
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Modular Kichen

MODULAR KICHEN : The eating and cooking preferences have been changing since time immemorial and so are the kitchen designs.  In the contemporary world where every person in a family has different food preferences, it is highly important  to have a kitchen that can accommodate the kitchenware, gadgets and cook tops of all kinds. To [...]
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